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Changing the layout of your schedule

SuperSaaS offers plenty of options to customize the look and feel of your schedule. This ranges from your schedule’s dimensions and the time format to the content of different system messages and the colors of individual schedule and UI elements.

While some layout settings relate to individual schedules, others affect every schedule in the account. In this section, similar settings at schedule and account level will be discussed. Account related settings will be pointed out as such.

Adjusting views and their proportions

A schedule provides different “views”, ways to look at the schedule, such as showing the calendar by day, week or month, or as a list of available spaces. You can change which views should be available to the end user and configure various settings such as size.

Customizing messages and notifications

Most of the generated messages that are shown as part of the registration, booking and/or payment process can be replaced by your own custom messages. The same goes for the content of email and SMS notifications and reminders. Almost all messages can contain so-called ‘auto texts’, which are ‘magic words’ that are automatically replaced by some dynamic value when the message is generated.

Changing a schedule’s appearance

The visual appearance of the schedule and the overall user interface (UI) can be configured separately. You can change your schedule’s color palette by selecting another color theme or pick your own color for each of the different calendar elements. At account level, you can do something similar for the UI colors. The appearance of the header and footer is also configured at the account level.

General settings

At the account level, you can change the default date and time format, as well as the time zone and default language. You can even change the term the system uses to refer to your users into something more appropriate like ‘students’.